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Savvy entrepreneurs know that the best way to launch or expand a business is to leverage the knowledge, skills and connections of someone who has been where they want to be. We provide our members with all the tools they need to make money blogging. blog island network

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Domain name and email address!
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Sure, we set your blog up, give you top quality hosting and support, a road map to make money blogging but the heart of our program is the network of blogs and people together for maximum connections, support, and most importantly TRAFFIC!• We advertise your site!

• Our staff and network members share the best offers out there to help your blog make the most money

• Members cross promote each other

• Group discounts on advertising

• Maximum exposure – we keep growing the network so your traffic is growing 24/7

• Support, Friendship, and Mentoring means you are NEVER alone!
There are so many reasons that teamwork really works. Network membership helps you work
smarter. It gives you all the tools you need for success. Best of all it gives you a whole community of people working to help each other succeed.

LEARN how to Make Money Blogging

We provide you with 8 one week instructor lead classes that you can take as many
times as you would like. These classes include:

  • Writing: Purpose, Audience, and Entertainment
  • Subject: What Readers Are Looking For
  • Manage: The Functions of a Blog
  • Marketing: Web 2.0 Traffic
  • SEO: How to Make Google Love Your Blog
  • Advanced Marketing: How to REALLY Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  • Advanced WordPress: Advanced Plugins and Themes to Make Your Blog Sing
  • Advanced Monetizing: Making the Most out of Every Visitor


“Overall I thought the class was great. I really enjoyed myself andI feel as though I’ve learned a lot in this four weeks. I love how you get to apply your knowledge right away–which makes it “stick” in your mind quicker. I’m sure over time some things will be improved and streamlined but overall–it’s was a great class and experience.”

“I feel like I was really getting solid information and mastering the basics of blogging in a very short period of time.”
“favorite part… learning the structure of the blog network and feeling the excitement build as we got closer to having our blogs online.”
“You guys know I thought this class was great! I wouldn’t change a thing. There was a lot of information to learn and assignments to do in such a short time but that is the push that every person working from home needs. I think you did a great job and as I have said before, since July I have been at this and did not learn as much as I have by being part of
your class for the 4 weeks. This was just priceless. Thank you!!”
“I enjoyed everything-the lessons,the community, the excitement, all of it!”

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• Setup Pro WordPress Blog
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• Professional Instructors
• Fellow Pro Bloggers
• Exclusive Ad Ready Tool
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