From Design Firm to Blog Network

We have been a full service web design and internet consultation firm since 1996. We have enjoyed helping others build their internet businesses. Our love of blogs and desire to build our own network gave way to the creation and 2008 launch of Blog Island, a full service member based blog network.

View from the Kidd\'s back deck.

Working from home and love it!

The founders of Blog Island, husband and wife team Steve and Kathy Kidd, work from home and love it! They are living their dream of working from their home office at the beach. What are your dreams? How can we help you make them a reality?

All Inclusive Package Deal

We provide you, our valued members, with all the tools to get started blogging and to continue growing your internet business. We set the blog up for you and provide training and support from basics to advanced marketing and design. If you are in a position where you have more money than time we offer as much additional services as you could need, from writing articles to marketing campaigns.

Teamwork = $$$

Most importantly, at the heart of our member based network is the NETWORKING and a WIFY (What’s In it For You) attitude. By connecting all of the member blogs and implementing techniques we teach, we can drive an amazing amount of traffic to your blog. Need support? Have advice to offer? Helping each other is what we’re all about. When we advertise and market the network, you benefit. When others promote and market their blog, you benefit. As a member you get maximum exposure, support and group benefits. You also share in the success of your fellow members. You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself. As we grow, your business grows!

Exclusive Membership

We don’t want to waste our time or yours by letting any old Joe Schmo that thinks he wants a blog into our network. We welcome business savvy people who are willing to invest the time, effort and finance it takes to build a real business. Our membership fee of just $97.00 a month provides members with everything you need to make money blogging, at a fraction of what those services would cost elsewhere individually, and is enough to deter people who aren’t really serious. We think our founding members are pretty fabulous people and we don’t mind bragging when we say “our members are the kind of people we want to be when we grow up!”


• Setup Pro WordPress Blog
• Domain Name and email
• Hosting
• Detailed Blogging Classes
• Latests Tips & Tricks
• Weekly Action Steps
• Private Forums
• Professional Instructors
• Fellow Pro Bloggers
• Exclusive Ad Ready Tool
• Keep 100% of Your Profits
• Wide Varity of Options
• Traffic to Your Blog
• We Advertise for You
• Web 2.0 Marketing
Additional Services
• Custom Web Design
• Highly Skilled Writers
• Personal Mentoring