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What Should I Blog About?

July 13, 2008 · Filed Under FAQs · Comment 

penOur FREE weekly newsletter answers the #1, most asked question: “What should I write about?”

Each newsletter includes topic suggestions, inspirations to get those creative juices flowing and help you keep your finger on the pulse of what people want you to write about. It also serves as a friendly reminder to keep you writing CONSISTENTLY (the most important component of blogging).

For more industry or topic specific suggestions, members have access to coaches in the forums. Our coaches are professional writers, researchers, web designers, marketers and active bloggers in a variety of topics who are glad to help in any way they can.

Anyone Want a Free Blog?

July 12, 2008 · Filed Under Survey Results · 1 Comment 

wpFree domain name, blog install, set-up and 30 min monthly maintenance!

In our recent survey we asked “How would you like to have your new blog set up?”

Here are the results so far:

18.8% chose “I’m technically savvy and don’t need any help.”

68.8% chose “I’m pretty good with a computer; need some guidance and tech support available.”

6.3% chose “I need a professional designer to add it to my existing web site.”

6.3% chose “I want someone else to setup my blog and do all the technical stuff to get it going.”

We had planned to offer a free domain name, set-up, hosting and 30 min monthly maintenance with membership, to make professional blogging as EASY as possible. We were surprised by the results we’ve seen in so far. Don’t get me wrong, not having to set-up new blogs frees up a lot of our time, but we figured that more people would be interested in a free set-up service. It appears that people enjoy the technical side of blogging as well as writing.

Surveys like this are so important. In order to meet your needs we first must know what they are. Thank you for your input.

The survey is still open. Be sure to have your voice heard, take the survey!

WIFY – What’s In it For You?

July 9, 2008 · Filed Under Countdown to Launch · Comment 

WIFY – What’s In it For You?

WIFY Some people live by WIFM, “What’s In it For Me?” We live by WIFY, “What’s In it For You?” The law of attraction, the secret, the law of reciprocity and so many other popular techniques and philosophies that work have one main component in common: GIVE of yourself and you will see a return. These are our core values and, since you’re here reading this, they are likely yours as well.

What Are Your Blogging Needs?

We are launching a new blogging community. Our goal is to meet the needs of business bloggers who have team networking values and the WIFY mentality. We want to meet your blogging needs in the areas of Technical, Learning, Support, Publicity and Monetization. Please take this quick 10 question survey and tell us what you blogging needs are.

Countdown to Launch!

Stay tuned to our blog as we prepare for the big launch. We will be sharing sneak peeks, tips, answering questions and more. Your comments and participation will help to shape the new community.

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